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As an independent contract programmer, in association with Wittlock Engineering LLC., my specialty is creating the most efficient CNC tool path for sheet metal equipment in a timely manner. My background includes over 40 years in manufacturing, with the past 30 working closely with sheet metal equipment. My cost savings timely support will give you an added option for quoting work that may require short term help. Programming, and estimating lasers and turrets is a skill I regularly perform at my daily job, as well as for other clientele who employ my services. My current knowledge includes experience with the following equipment Salvagnini, Trumpf, Strippit, Finn Power, Amada and others along with the CAM software specific to those machines. The service I provide is to meet your sheet metal, CNC programming, or engineering needs, which will ultimately attribute to the overall effectiveness of your company, as well as reduce costs.


As the price of sheet steel goes up the nesting function of a programmer and software can be costly or save you thousands of dollars. Most software’s can automate the nesting process; however, they cannot always see the best way to utilize material. Things like common edge cutting, finished edge in the clamps and automation parameters/limitations that require larger sheets or longer processing time.
I say this to express the programmer's value to achieve even more cost savings in nested programs by reducing material waste and cycle times.
Always willing to demonstrate how my programming service can help any company better utilize material and reduce cycle time.

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